Sunday, April 13, 2008

Untitled by Wangechi

Wangechi Mutu’s untitled in the 2003 mixed collage on mylar, uses coll ages that are both elegant and perverse to show the human body. He uses the female body, in which he show the beautiful, the disease, the weak parts of women, or the human body. Together, this enables us to see the complexity of the human body and mind.

I quickly was drawn to the overall shape of the lady, especially from torso up. I notice the gracefulness of her hand, how she embraces her body. Her brown torso from a glamour model shows simplicity and friendliness for brown is a neutral color. Though elegant, the brown elegant torso is very dependable, for it is only when accompany with other part of the body, the skin disease of Wangechi art work that we are able to truly see how beautiful that part of the human body truly is. Then I was drawn to her eyes. Pity, Pain, distress, shame, crime, hurt and complicity arises from her silent but trickery eyes. This proves how puzzles one can be as they try to figure out an individual. This piece of work able me to understand that we sometimes try to figure out life too much, by making things complicated for ourselves that we miss that everyone is just human.

Then, I notice the different color usage on her back, her head and her legs. They were supposed to represent skin diseases. The skin disease on her back was green with white polka dots. On her back, there is an eager looking man half women that is grasping on her back with spider hand which is not letting go anytime soon because they seems attached to her body. By having this man like character attached to the green color shin disease as it blends with it let me know that it might be the cause of it. Our unsolved mysteries, our unsettle desires and need do nothing but make us sick. Women look for comfort in men as does men in women, it is our eagerness for something that sometimes dope not exist that is making us sick.

Her head with no hair that is sliding up enable us to see her lovely eyes and her full mouth. The skin disease appears more delightful with the light yellow and green color. Then, form torso down, her skin disease are quite noticeable with their vibrant color. Dark brown, yellow and red are the color that is on her legs. On her ankle and a little up, the color red is uses and the skin disease look as if it were to explode. This color indicates danger. However, the majority of the color uses on her leg is yellow a meaningful, and important color because it be a symbol of the sun. Despite all those color, one color present in the disease are the white polka dots. To have in a disease sign of purity, cleanliness and innocence contradict the color white.

There is a lot of artificial extension that replace the missing body parts, even though they are not the body parts f the body, they are disturbing. However, by assembling them together to make to human body, Wangechi creates a beauty.

I later notice the red bubbles that are being release by a red champagne bottle that is partly a women with black and white elegant legs. There are butterflies wondering around her wondering around for nectar a beautiful flower. Her color is able to attract the butterflies and other creatures that seem to find comfort in women

Just like his former work, Wangechi has many works with prosthetic collage that emphasizes on the beauty of women for her connection with nature and many things that surround her. Because of her knowledge of creation, Wangechi makes her a machine.

In the untitled, mixed media collage and painting on vellum Wangechi makes her with some motorcycle parts. Her technology parts represent how far she has comes; she is now made of new things, motorcycle parts. Despite all, she still remains sexy and elegant for her gracefulness is always present. Her longed arms and legs on a black knees sock with a black heel are able to demonstrate that. She now becomes a machine for her capability of creation.

A machine parts is situated on both her neck and around her waist which where all the creation is taking place. Then I notice her creation out of her. Her creature comes out of her stomach which is still attached to her which states that this is her doing. Between herself and her creation is a pile of blood which shows how blood can be seeing in a different light. Blood are usually connected with death and crime; however, in this case women take bloods and accompany it with new understanding. Wangechi is letting you see that anyone that are able to see thing in a new light that are able to see are because of the machine that women’s are. For the roles women have, women can be see as a machine. This futurist painting all white and brown with little color of blue enable to see that not only the power of women over creation but as become a powerful instrument, a machine.

One difference between the women is the hair, in Wangechi former painting, the lady draw was hairless, howe ver, in this latter, not only does the lady have nice curly brown hair but also something that is coming out of her brain. It is a whit tube with orange at the bottom and the top. Having something comes out of her brain let the viewers know the capability of women.

Base on Wangechi works, the importance of objects are mention. We sometimes forget the meanings of things mostly because we forget to compare it to things. One collage might puzzle many but and assemble of collages that is able to create or makes the body parts let us appreciate things more.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finger ( Owen Meany)

John Irving, In the prayer for Owen Meany uses finger to proves what Meany already knew. Because of his faith in God and his ability to predict what will happen pushed him to cut John Finger to prevent him from participating in the war, so he could not be able to use a gun. More specifically Owen chooses to cut his index finger. So he could not be able to pick up anything during the war. “I think it ought to be the right Index finger” Said Owen –just to be safe. I mean, officially, we’re talking about your trigger finger” (507). During this process, Meany told john that “ the army regulation in question states that a person would not be physically qualified to serve in the case of the absence of the first joint of either thumb or the index, middle, or ring finger” (506). Meany knew the rules of everything, not only did he believe in god but also he knew how to use the brain that was giving to him.

However, Meany wanted to be part of the war, but because of his condition, it was not possible for Meany to be part of the battle. He knew Jhon would have being unhappy, if he had participate in the war. Meany wanted Jhon to do “what you want” things that would make him happy. Meany knew that Jhon was a brilliant writerand that pleased him. Meany, “god instrument” has he thought, we can see that he knew how miserable Jhon would have being if he had responded to the Gravesend draft board. His final words to Jhon, after cutting his finger was “just think of this as a little gift to you” (509)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hamlet Act 4 scene 4

Hamlet and Fortinbras are two characters that are very important in the novel. Hamlet is the main character of the novel, with this responsibilities and high standard in the novel he becomes more of bait for we found ourselves comparing him to the other characters. Looking at Fortinbras, we see that Hamlet lack his strength and his manliness. In Fortinbras, I was able to recognize the word fort which is usually a thing that is characterized as strong, and a well-built entity. By being well-built, William is letting us know that hamlet is less that a man, the feminine in him is greater. Bras the last syllable of Fortinbras name means arms in French which bring me to the conclusion that Versus Hamlet Fortinbras is a man of action.

To continue, Hamlet have admitted that he have being “thinking too precisely on th’ event” (4-4-41) which have stand in his way of taking any action. It is by knowing the outcome of what might happen that have turn him into a “coward.” Hamlet respect Fortinbras who with two thousands men are able to walk head high “to their graves” (4-4-62) like it was their own beds it’s because of them having pride and dignity for themselves. For “divine ambition puff’d makes mouths at the invisible event (outcome)/ exposing what is mortal and unsure/ to all that fortune, death, and danger dare,/ even for an eggshell.” (4-4- 49, 53)

This braveness enables Hamlet to think back on his life. Knowing his father was murder, dealing with his mother’s nonsense, despite all this, he know the same person that got his father might like an ocean engulf him however, despite all this, Hamlet does not budge. How should we view Hamlet, when with all of this he only thinks and “sleep” (4-4-59). Now Hamlet is able to see that “rightly to be great/ is not to stir without great argument, / but greatly to find quarrel in a straw/ when honor’s at the stake.” (4-4- 53, 56)

Just like Hamlet, Fortinbras is also a prince with a decease father and an uncle, an “old fool” in power. He once was imprison by his uncle, for Hamlet for him feels imprison too for he now sees Denmark as a prison. His life has being turn into a life of crime and lie. Hamlet feels trapped for he does not know who to turn to. He no longer have a mother figure, he feels that everyone is out to get him. However, Fortinbras did not just seat and put a play together to see how is enemies will react, he acts for them. Fortinbras takes matter in his own hand which is why Hamlet admire him since he knows that the manly thing to do is to take action.