Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finger ( Owen Meany)

John Irving, In the prayer for Owen Meany uses finger to proves what Meany already knew. Because of his faith in God and his ability to predict what will happen pushed him to cut John Finger to prevent him from participating in the war, so he could not be able to use a gun. More specifically Owen chooses to cut his index finger. So he could not be able to pick up anything during the war. “I think it ought to be the right Index finger” Said Owen –just to be safe. I mean, officially, we’re talking about your trigger finger” (507). During this process, Meany told john that “ the army regulation in question states that a person would not be physically qualified to serve in the case of the absence of the first joint of either thumb or the index, middle, or ring finger” (506). Meany knew the rules of everything, not only did he believe in god but also he knew how to use the brain that was giving to him.

However, Meany wanted to be part of the war, but because of his condition, it was not possible for Meany to be part of the battle. He knew Jhon would have being unhappy, if he had participate in the war. Meany wanted Jhon to do “what you want” things that would make him happy. Meany knew that Jhon was a brilliant writerand that pleased him. Meany, “god instrument” has he thought, we can see that he knew how miserable Jhon would have being if he had responded to the Gravesend draft board. His final words to Jhon, after cutting his finger was “just think of this as a little gift to you” (509)

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