Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hamlet Act 4 scene 4

Hamlet and Fortinbras are two characters that are very important in the novel. Hamlet is the main character of the novel, with this responsibilities and high standard in the novel he becomes more of bait for we found ourselves comparing him to the other characters. Looking at Fortinbras, we see that Hamlet lack his strength and his manliness. In Fortinbras, I was able to recognize the word fort which is usually a thing that is characterized as strong, and a well-built entity. By being well-built, William is letting us know that hamlet is less that a man, the feminine in him is greater. Bras the last syllable of Fortinbras name means arms in French which bring me to the conclusion that Versus Hamlet Fortinbras is a man of action.

To continue, Hamlet have admitted that he have being “thinking too precisely on th’ event” (4-4-41) which have stand in his way of taking any action. It is by knowing the outcome of what might happen that have turn him into a “coward.” Hamlet respect Fortinbras who with two thousands men are able to walk head high “to their graves” (4-4-62) like it was their own beds it’s because of them having pride and dignity for themselves. For “divine ambition puff’d makes mouths at the invisible event (outcome)/ exposing what is mortal and unsure/ to all that fortune, death, and danger dare,/ even for an eggshell.” (4-4- 49, 53)

This braveness enables Hamlet to think back on his life. Knowing his father was murder, dealing with his mother’s nonsense, despite all this, he know the same person that got his father might like an ocean engulf him however, despite all this, Hamlet does not budge. How should we view Hamlet, when with all of this he only thinks and “sleep” (4-4-59). Now Hamlet is able to see that “rightly to be great/ is not to stir without great argument, / but greatly to find quarrel in a straw/ when honor’s at the stake.” (4-4- 53, 56)

Just like Hamlet, Fortinbras is also a prince with a decease father and an uncle, an “old fool” in power. He once was imprison by his uncle, for Hamlet for him feels imprison too for he now sees Denmark as a prison. His life has being turn into a life of crime and lie. Hamlet feels trapped for he does not know who to turn to. He no longer have a mother figure, he feels that everyone is out to get him. However, Fortinbras did not just seat and put a play together to see how is enemies will react, he acts for them. Fortinbras takes matter in his own hand which is why Hamlet admire him since he knows that the manly thing to do is to take action.

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