Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4-5

In Act 4, we see that hamlet seek more in life as he willingly chooses to meet a ghost. Hamlet no longer wanted to be categorize as a” drunkards”(19) as someone who is enable to control himself and his emotions. As his uncle “drains his draught of Rhenish down” (10) with his mom by his side. Despite “our achievements, though perform’d at height, / the pith and marrow for our attribute” (21-22). Hamlet is lost, everyone wants to live him in the dark but he seeks his father for the light “father” hamlet cries “o, answer me! Let me not burst into ignorance” (line 45-46) by seeing the Ghost<>Denmark, Horatio continues by saying “Heaven will set things right” this line foreshadow the truth of what really happens to King Hamlet. Hamlet cannot seem to wait for is “fate cries out, / and makes each artere in his body as hardy as the Nemean lion’s nerve” (line 82-84)

In Act 5 Hamlet is able to have a conversation with his father ghost. It is important to see that Hamlet is doing this alone, even though he walks in with Horatio and Marcellus, they are left behind. I quickly thought of Jesus through as his journey was about to come to an end. When he seeks for his father, the two disciples were not present. To continue the ghost let Hamlet know that “the serpent that did sting thy father’s life/ now wears his crown” ( 38-39) and it is very terrible, horrible that he was” cut off even in the blossoms of my sin/ unhous’led, disapoointed, unanel’d/ no reck’ning made, but sent to my account/ with all my imperfections on my head/ ( line 74-79)which is the reason now he is doomed for a certain time to walk in night and during the day to be held captive in fire, until his sins are burned and purged away.

After the ghost as exit, and Hamlet rejoin Horatio and Marcellus, Hamlet made them swear to never talk about the ghost. Hamlet behavior is foreshadow here as he tells his servant if he ever act in any fantastic manner, they are to pronounce some doubtful phrase like “well, well, we know.” Or “we could and if we could “(line 175) Hamlet is happy to be in the light, to have learned things even philosophy could not cover which show that he must have seek answers anywhere he could find it. “There are more things in heaven and earth… than are dreamt in your philosophy “(166-167) which is why at this time of disorder and how “cursed spit that ever I was born to set it right!” (Line 188-189)

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