Thursday, March 27, 2008

Summer Search

Dear Summer Search

Not so long time ago, I left my country to come America not knowing what to expect from a world that is different from my own; a world with different culture and language. However, in between that phase I went to a very challenging interview with you guys. Be that as it may, I knew the minute that I walk out of that I changed into a different person. I am gratified because after my interview, I feel that a weight was lifted from my shoulder. Owing to your support, I apprehend to open up to others. Before, I would participate in various activities however, because I am a taciturn person, I would not be notice by anyone. For instance, I could go volunteer somewhere, do whatever I was supposed to and later find my way out. Now, I take my time to interact with everyone. Now I am ask what happen to that shy and quiet girl. I became very sociable and such is life is my being part of the summer search program. What Summer Search make available for each of its student is like a dream come true. I think they have made me a better person by allowing me to see the different aspect of life.

Last year, I had the chance to go to Adirondack, New York on a field ecology program where for the first time I went hiking, canoeing. This trip was amazing, because I have learned my love for nature. This year, I went to Peru and Bolivia. Oh, my God! What an experience? My first week, I stay with my host family in a province called Urubamba. Despite our language barrier, my host family made me feels at home. During our time there, we volunteered at a school by painting their walls and teaching the Peruvian students about our culture through the "cha-cha" slide. However, one experience that has a great impact in my life was during my stay in Bolivia. I did hard biking on a trail know as "death Row". After completing this trail, I remember feeling so invincible. YES! I am thrilled that I went to Peru out all the choices that were offered to me by my mentor. I loved everything about Peru from the people to their taxi.

Coming back form this trip, I notice how I take a lot of things for granted such as the time that I spent with my family, the opportunity to make something of myself, lights, the water, and the Internet that we use everyday like crazy in my house. I see that I am pretty lucky because I have both my parents and summer search to be there for me whenever I fall which is pretty often and also they makes sure that I take the best path in my life

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