Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tom Philllip's Humument

Page 30

Page 30

On page 30 of Tom Phillips' A Humument, Phillips compares our uncontrollable emotions that we expresses to the different seasons of life because both can be so unpredictable which sometimes leads to the regretful choices that we often make. With its uses of color, Phillips’s parallel work show the power of light and dark, summer and winter, the sun and the moon, sane and insane, and cold and hot. Phillips demonstrates it is only when an individual take his time to think, when he does not react by emotions that they can clearly see what the world has to offer.

To began, the first thing that struck me is the parallel style that exists in Phillips’ work. He diagonally divided his work by is uses of color. In the bright side, there are different uses of yellow which represent the color that is evoke by light, by the sun. From the right top to the bottom corner will be found Indian yellow, chrome yellow, gamboges, cadmium yellow, cadmium orange and rust. All of these lights, color represent different emotions that are not easily manage which make it extremely hard for individuals to use common sense. In the bright morning, Phillip’s explains that in a young man name Jackson goes home in July. July is the warmest month of the northern hemisphere for Phillip purposely chooses this moth to show how sometimes the heat plays in the emotions of individuals. To continue, Phillips explains that Jackson sees himself as “wing-room love poet” who is how every man and women let themselves empower by lust and butterfly in their stomach. Suddenly they are turn into “poet”, they want to express themselves. Man are turned into dreamer, they have let lust take over their life. Every action that are made, their every line or their every thought is about women. As we go down, the light, the brightness starts to fade. The color is as pale as the opposite color. As the heat diminuend, Phillip shows that is when that Julian was noticing what was happening to him. “Julian in poetry nitzs- My dear” he stated surprisingly.

As I look closely at the shape of the right piece of Phillip work, I notice how unbalance, chaotic the outskirts of that side of his work. Many cuts and holes can be found which in other words explains what have become of men in distress. Their life has become disorderly, uncontrollable, and antisocial since they have became blinded by the light, the heat of the sun. In that period of time, the period of love, of emotions men have became weak.

To continue, the other side of piece of work, the color is very pale, the color gray represents tranquility, calm and stillness, the opposition of disorder. Comparing to the opposite work it is more clean, and pure. Phillip shows that the mind of the man has become saner for it is ability to control its thoughts. In other to control what is revolving around him he must behaves like a brick, or like a moon which is clarifying the way for the world but does not show any emotions. This kind of life is a balance life since gray is not either black or white but a shade between those two colors.

The Character is able to think more clearly about “stuff” and acting like a “love-poets”. By living this kind of life, one is able to process his or her thoughts. Viewers can see that the mind of the individual is more rested because they are able o reflect to their past and noticed that they are “tired of ming eyes glasses.” Phillip wants to show that it is it minds that plays an important role on the decision of men. The mind is the stream of consciousness and it is manifested as the combinations of ones thoughts, perception, emotions and imagination

The border of this work and as a whole demonstrates stability, contrary to the opposite side of the Phillip piece of work. Phillips through art and poetry is able to send a message to the world about the ability and the power of the mind of an individual. It is up to them to decide whether they will remains blinded or whether they will try to learn to control their life.

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