Thursday, May 22, 2008

MRS DALLLOWAY (“Fear no more the heat o’ the sun / Nor the furious winter’s rage” (9)

The book first start with Clarissa wondering in the street of London and catching up with time as she think of her affair with Peter, than all of a sudden she read up this quote Hatchards‘ shop window form an open book.

This seems like a climax, its shows that one day, during our daily activities or in Mrs. Dalloway case when she was wondering around in the street of London the good times or struggles has to come to an end because sooner or later death is going to catch up with us. This came from Shakespeare’s plays that is recognizing for his tragic stories. Those lines, I found out were dedicate for funeral. The goal was to make every individual understands that for life’s struggles, death would be the perfect consolation. However, that is not what Mrs. Dalloway wants to hear since aging is not a factor of her life. Those 13 (thirteen) words emphasizes that no one should fight the arrival of death. We must not have any fear, fear of struggles, of the heat or the sun, nor any hardships that we encounter throughout our journey in life. As individuals, we all fight to live however we fear the intensity of life. We are all horrify by this thing called death but Virginia Wolf want us to realize that “living” walks hand to hand with its brother “death.” We are all acquainted with these facts however that does not stop us from fighting with zeal for the power of living.

In addition, Virginia uses this Shakespeare quote to tell us to stop wasting our time fighting something that is invincible. We have to agree upon the fact that just like living exists, so does dying. We have to learn to live our last time with no fear even when the “furious winter’s rage “hit us. Death is our friend since it is the only comfort from all of the struggles we face in this separable life of our. Death will be the friend of Clarissa as it will help her to stop troubled herself about the fact that she is aging, and the fact that she has to put on a new person for a society that she despite. Death will also be Septimus’ friend for it helps him to stop having any horrors thought about the war.

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