Thursday, May 22, 2008


The car introduce by Virginia was created to connect Septimus connect him to Mrs.Dalloway. She introduces that parallel world that exists between those two personages. Thought the car introduce us to Septimus everything revolve around Mrs. Dalloway as she prepare for a new day. Virginia is able to create those characters with the memories they share with Mrs. Dalloway.

As Mrs. Dalloway walks in the street of London, We see that it is through her memories that we can navigate in the thought of the other characters. One thing that she does is interweaving past and present. The future is built on the past. Mrs. Dalloway, as she walks in the street in London, she remember the time that she used to share with Peter. “But Peter--however beautiful the day might be, and the trees and the grass, and the little girl in pink--Peter never saw a thing of all that. From that sentence, we can already tell the personality of those individuals. Peter is describing as someone who always wants to have the last words, the type of individual that is comfortable in their own skin. Individuals that like to argued a lot. Mrs. Dalloway is someone that notices her surrounding, every details are important to her and from her one day story, she is able to lets us in her world in a very creative manner. She can also be very romantic, as she mentions that Peter is not even able to see the “little girl in pink”. By referring to that specific color, it is one way for Virginia to pass across the idea of feminism. Her writing is based in the idea of feminism, the idea of strong, independent women.

One of the women that she looks up to is Sally, a dark, large-eyed, with that quality which, she always envied. She admired her strong impact that she made in people and Clarissa enjoys her company because she excite her. Sally does crazy things but Clarissa thinks “Quiet descended on her, calm, content, as her needle, drawing the silk smoothly to its gentle pause, collected the green folds together and attached them, very lightly, to the belt.” Clarissa respects her because it is Sally alone that is able to make her feel like a woman.

As I read the incident between Clarissa and Sally, I could not stop but think that Virginia is out to show that men do not have to revolve around women to make them fell important. Sally was able to accomplish a job that Richard neglected to do (or maybe did not know how).

In real life, Sally Seton is representing a woman that Virginia admired. She was her childhood friend know as Madge Vaughan.

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