Friday, May 23, 2008


Not so long ago, English has been my most hated subject. I was never looking forward to any of those lecturing classes, it was not only because I was shy. Every English class felt like deja-vu, I did not feel like I was learning anything new. I was bored out of my mind and it reflected on my writing. We usually read books but I find myself asking “So what”, I was not getting the point. However, Most of those teachers, very brilliant talk over my head, as they go on about their life. Leaving my life very puzzled. At my beginning of my senior year, I embrace myself looking forward for more disappointment in my last English class at Malden High School. Little did I know that this class would turn out into one of the best class I have ever taken, along with Oral Communication class.

Entering room C-336, I knew there was something interesting, maybe the word that I want to use is strange but whatever it was made me want to be present every day to find out. Introducing ourselves, each student was asking to say something that nobody knew about themselves. I said my love for “Butterfly.” The teacher smiled and so did the students, I was expecting another reaction form them, maybe a simple “why.” This moment brought a feeling of warmness and welcome in me because I felt that my likes and dislikes was not a barrier anymore.

Throughout, this year I have wrote a lot of papers and I have notice improvement in all of them. My first piece Ted berrigan was very difficult because I did not know where to start. I t was my first time I was really trying to analyze a paper. However, I did no know where to start. I had a mixture of theories that resulted to mélange that bring to my longest break down. However, what I have notice I have being doing was trying to write what I thought was expected of me.

After, this incidence, I find myself looking forward to my teacher overacting behavior. He made me want to come to class because every day was something new, and I was able to take what I do and learn as I relate to it. The first novel that I had read was “The Stranger” strange indeed but it was the first book that I was able to notice personifications in different types of object. At first, I started to criticize the author in my writing but I learn to tries to put myself in the author’s shoes as I try to develop my essay.

Throughout the year long, I was able to express myself in a fashionable manner. I was able to learn more about myself which have lead me into being more confident in what I say and what I write. I have detected that indeed butterflies are part of me. For my independent reading, I choose a book that was recommended to me by middle school teacher, Ms Dumont who is now a teacher at Malden high. I let myself unwind through the connection that I felt between the author and I, who at the age of 12, came to the United State just like me, looking for a better life. It is her that clarifies the reason why that I have always being fascinated by butterfly. I am delighted for this experience.

By learning how I can use butterfly to describe anything that I wanted to by link the idea with any object, anything in this world. That’s was when, I felt connected with my surrounding, books, nature, neighbors and so much more. I am able to say this knowing know that I have written a three to four pages paper on a picture which I must say was pretty amazing. The piece was form a Kenyan born artist, wangechi Mutu, I am so glad that I have met her because she makes me feels that is all right to be different and be the person you want to be.

I have written a 15 pages paper, and sincerely would admit that it was a piece of cake for me because of what I have learn form Mister Gallagher. Also, I am definitely ready for research paper in college because what I have learned that time management is the key to a great paper.

Now, I see that English is not half bad. All I needed was someone to show me their love for the language. Most of my previous teacher, very bright, I feel like they taught English because they had to not because they love it. I had never found a reason to care for English until now. I am glad that I did

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Faedhra W 6 said...

I choose this piece to be part of my portfolio because it reflect on who i was and what I have overcome.