Thursday, May 22, 2008

MRS. DALLOWAY ( 168- 184-186)

“Fear no more the heat of the sun” (186) thought Clarissa after she retired form her party, isolating herself in a dark room. Those line from Shakespeare where at the beginning of the novel when Clarissa realize glance at a window. Those words make her recognize that life must goes on, which means that death is just around the corner. As a result she should not be frightened of aging since it is part of living, just like dying is.

Clarissa was upset when the Bradshaws mentions the death of the young man. “What business had the Bradshaws to talk of death at her party?” ( 184) stated Clarissa furiously. However she realizes that this young men death was an attempt to communicate to her, to accept life just like it is and to make the best of it. She notices that she did not pity that young as she observe a lady who is making her way to bed. “It was fascinating” Clarissa thought; “with people still laughing and shouting in the drawing room, to watch the old women, quite quietly going to bed.” the old women make Clarissa aware of the movement of life around her. She now sees while she was enjoying herself others were moving on with their life for their own happiness. In the other hand, Clarissa spent most of her time throwing parties just to please others. Parties, a place where she does not even have a minute to spend and talk with a friend before she must run off to greets another. Even Sally a very dear friend of her that she has not seen for ages came to visit her.

“There! The old house had put out her light! She repeated, and the words came to her, Fear no more of the heat of the sun.”(168) she realizes that the old lady had putting her own light out, she wasn’t scare anymore for both Septimus and the old lady had brought courage, strength to her, to being herself. “He felt glad that he had done it; throw it away.” because he made her “feel the beauty; made he fell the sun. He open her eyes, Septimus had show Clarissa the light for she realize “She must go back. She must assemble. She must find Sally and Peter.” Clarissa is going back to the party to be with people that are important to her, her friends, “Sally and Peter”. Clarissa is going to enjoy the rest of the afternoon or the rest of her life with people that she enjoys being with. Those moments of realization by Clarissa let us see how much she has grown as a person.

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