Thursday, May 22, 2008


“Oh it was a letter from her! This blue envelope; that was her hand. And he would have to read it. Here was another of those meetings, bound to be painful! To read her letter needed the devil of an effort. How heavenly it was to see him. She must tell him that. That was all. But it upset him. It annoyed him. He wished she hadn’t written it…”(154)

Sometimes one cannot understand what does one wants. Peter would be an example of those characters. Seeing how upset he was when he received this letter, sealed in a blue envelope from Clarissa (154) and how he always thinks back on the life he might have had with Daisy puzzle him. Peter describes this relationship with Daisy as plain. “All plain sailing”

After a long walk in the street of London where even external stimuli made him thinks of Clarissa. It feels like Peter feels empty for not having Clarissa in his life as he dreamed of how their life would have being together. We see that anything reminds Peter of Clarissa. Peter hates the fact that Clarissa had rejected him. The blue envelope represents the color of the ocean which explains the waves of emotion that he was going through. Then Peter started to think of Daisy as he looks at a snapshot of Daisy. “The best he had ever seen her.” Peter cannot stop himself from lusting after Clarissa. He pushes away the heart of someone that willingly handed to him, his first wife. But stubborn as Peter was, he commented on their relationship (Peter and his wife) of being to smooth. “No fuss. No bother. No finishing and fidgeting” “All plain sailing” it was too well, too good Peter thought. This shows that Peter never had truly loved anyone besides Daisy. The good thing or easy love was handed to him but he rejected it.

Knowing all of Clarissa’s bad habits, did not stop him to desire her or for making get mad at the idea that she rejected his proposal. Peter knew she wasn‘t perfect since they knew each other for a long time but that did not stands in Peter‘s way from wanting Clarissa.

For at the end of the book, when he notices Clarissa, he was in terror, he felt happy. He filled “with extraordinary excitement” and it surprises him. Peter had the last word

“It is Clarissa, he said. For there she was.”

Those simple words conclude this amazing novel. The struggle had ended for Peter realizes it is Clarissa that he was waiting for.

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