Thursday, May 22, 2008

MRS. DallOWAY ( hat making)

“We shall have a beautiful hat! He murmured, taking up this and that, Rezia kneeling by his side, looking over his shoulder. Now it was finished- that is to say the design; she must stitch it together. But she must be very, very careful, he said, to keep it just as he had made it.” (143)

I think this moment is very important in the novel since it is the first time we see individuals that are happy and healthy. We can see joy in their conversation. As Lucrezia kneels besides his husband as they admired the hat that they just create, immediately made me think of creation. They focus on what they are doing, every details seems important to them, especially in Rezia’s eyes as she takes her time to sew the work that her husband and her had created. This moment show how compassionate and loving Rezia is. Most importantly how caring she is about the world around her, for she had created a hat for the Peter’s who didn’t even ask her to.

Through the making of the hat, they communicated with each other. Something they have not done in a long time. This hat brought them closer. “For the first for days, he was speaking as he used to do!…Never had she felt so happy! Never in her life!” ( 143) Because of the hat they were able to talk and joke about their neighbors. It rejoiced Lucrezia that they were “ poking fun privately like married people”(143). This hat brought them for a second together. A moment of joy, so by sending that hat as a gift to a soon to be married couple cold represent a long lasting, happy marriage.

But why did Virginia chooses a hat? What is so special about hats? I Google hat, most site told me how to make a hat but I wasn’t interested in that. However what took my attention is the fact that both men and women wear them. The idea of an equal marriage. A common thing that link man and women. Virginia’s writing is amazing, she is an exceptional women for she is able to find the smallest things to shows how women plays many role in society. Hats can also protect one, from the sun and also to warm one’s body parts. So hat can be seeing as protection. A symbol that serves as protection to the Peter’s marriage.

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Faedhra W 6 said...

This is part of my Portfolio because I enjoy writing about the meaning that Virginia wolf makes hat represent. It is beautiful that something so small can mean a lot of things.