Thursday, May 22, 2008

MRS DALLOWAY (Feminism 1)

Emily picks up the similarity that can be found in both Mrs. Dalloway and the A Portrait of the Artist As a young man. Having cover feminism in the novel of James Joyce, I was able to see how both writers see feminism.

James Joyce novel was writing during the conflict of the catholic and Irish church. This book is a model of bildungsroman, we where able to see the change of Stephen form a boy to a man. One of the many things that made Stephen the young man that he became was the presence of women in his life. Stephen is encompassed by many women. First, as a child his mother and Dantes, a smart and intellectual women but as Stephen stated, she wasn’t as smart as his priest. Dante is very different than his mother because she sat in the table with the big boys and talk politics. Joyce gave her a voice. However, those weren’t the only women that Joyce gave a voice. We meet the prostitute, someone who was able to replace both Stephen mother, because of the way she clamed her. She was confident just like Dante and also she wears pink which could be seen as the color of youth, in the sense of Eileen , a young girl that he lust after. Joyce also gave Simon moonan a voice. In addition throughout both novels the color white was mention which in literature can signify purity, virtue and innocence. We see women in Stephen life that was either categorize as pure women or as a whore.

Reading Mrs. Dalloway by
Virginia wolf in which the protagonist is a female already shows one similarity. Virginia created Mrs. Dalloway where she is the key that allowed us to enter other individuals’ head. We see every type of women, Clarissa who want s to be notice by everybody which is the reason she plans party to be in the presence of known individuals. We see jealousy in her too; she hates the idea that Elizabeth teacher spent the time with her daughter. In addition we see another side of her; we see how much she can love someone. She feels great in the presence of Sally. In one day, we were able to see what kind of women she was; from her past relationships and the people she frequented.

We also see the idea of lower class. We see Stephen and his dad barely survive financial crisis. Clarissa who decided to marry Richard because of the life he offered her.

Those two books have as many differences as similarly, those are the one that I briefly describe, and we can find so much more

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