Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mrs. Dalloway (The Growth OF Elizabeth)

“Oh she would like to go a little further. Another penny was it to the strand. Here was another penny then. She would go up the Strand. She liked people who were ill.. So she might be a doctor. She might be a farmer. Animal are often ill… And she like the feeling of people working. It was so serious; it was so busy. In short, she would like to have a profession… She penetrated a little furthering the direction of St. Paul’s. She liked the geniality, sisterhood, motherhood, brotherhood of this uproar. It seem to her good….” (136-138)

This happened during Elizabeth bus ride. This represent where Elizabeth live her childhood behind. She is becoming an adult. She remembers the time she used to think how immature her mother used to think of her. When she use to play with dolls, when she was attached to old slippers. Those times were “charming” (138) but now we can see she is different for she is already thinking of a profession. She does not have a clue yet on what she wants to do but she know that she know she “would like the feeling of people working.” (136)

we can see how different she is from her mother. She sees herself working, in other to support herself and others, individuals that are less fortunate. But Clarissa wanted someone to support her for it is the reason why she decided to marry Richard Dalloway instead of Peter. Clarissa likes the attention that guys give her which is the reason she likes to see Hugh Whitbread because He makes her feels young. But throughout Elizabeth Journey in her bus ride, every man were already fallen in love with her but “she felt bored.” Elizabeth was not interested in things like that. She wanted to live her life for herself something her mother; Clarissa did not know how to do.

Even Sally could see the difference between those two women as she notices the behavior of both at Clarissa’s party. Elizabeth indeed has growth into someone that is aware of her surrounding; she has grown into someone that her father is proud of. When Richard finally notice her daughter at her party, He could not believe is eyes. “Who is that lovely girl? He said and suddenly he realized it was Elizabeth, and he had not recognized her, she looked so lovely in her pink frock!”(194) pink a seductive color, but most importantly Pink means that the color White is no longer present, in other word, Elizabeth is no longer innocent, she is no longer a baby. Thought this path, life is running in the eyes of Elizabeth as she thinks about her future profession.

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