Thursday, May 22, 2008


As I read this novel, I could see the differences among the other novel that I have read. This novel indeed has the touch of a woman, as Virginia wolf in a beautiful way makes every moments in life feels important. The story starts on a Wednesday, mid-June 1923 in the street of London, on her way to buy flowers to throw a party that afternoon. As we go through the novel, it is interesting how we are able to understand the life of each character by having the key to their thoughts. Why do you think Virginia does that? Her sense of writing is very unique.

We are then introducing to Mrs. Dalloway, a very complicated woman whom wants to make a reform in society by wanting to be like Lady Bexborough “with a skin of crumpled leather and beautiful eyes… Slow and stately, interested in politics like men and very sincere...” She wanted to be a more visible character, someone more than just Mrs. Dalloway but how could she when look for the approval of her community. What is Mrs Dalloway’s intention? Why do you think Virginia choose such a character?

This story encompasses themes such as war and age (leading to death). We have Septimus, a veteran of World War I, who suffered from mental illness brought on by horrors that he experiences in the war especially by the death of his dear friend Evans. We also have Mrs. Dalloway and so many characters that are afraid to age. This is the reason why Mrs. Dalloway had a crush on Hugh Whitbread because he made her feels young. What was Mrs Dalloway’s age?

As we continue we notice that Clarissa chooses to marry for safety and conservative life with Mr. Dalloway a life that is completely different from what she was used to. As a teenager, her friend Sally was a rebel whom she had kissed and those were some great time as she remembered. She remembered also some of the time spends with peter that is very different from Richard. During, those days, were happy days.
Why would
Virginia make such choices? What are Virginia goals?

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