Thursday, May 22, 2008

MRS. DALLOWAY (99-100)

“To his Patients he gave three-quarters of an hour; and if in this existing science which has to do with what, after all, we know nothing about-the nervous system, the human brain-a doctor loses his sense of proportion, as a doctor he fails. Health we must have, and health is proportion…”(99)

eve, he is to do so because for him to put Septimus out of his madness or anyone is to put them
This part of the book where Rezia went to see Sir Williams confuses me at first since I just like Rezia automatically presumed that Sir Williams was here to put and end to Septimus madness. But Sir Williams beliin a long “rest, rest for solitude, silence and rest, rest without friends, without books without messages…”

It is amazing how math is a metaphor of living and dying. Virginia uses the idea of Proportion to balance live and death. In life, just as living in one possibility, dying is one also. A proportion of 1:1. A fifty to fifty thing in life. Virginia wants to see the one thing that determine our possibilities to live or die is our health. This foreshadows the idea of Septimus dying. Septimus health was not in good condition, therefore there was no chance of him surviving. Sir Williams represent the angel of death for he says He wants to bring Septimus to one of his “home.” He had come to collect.

And with the idea of Proportion, conversion comes to life. “ Proportion has a sister…Conversion is her name and she feasts on the wills of the weakly, loving to impress, to impose, adoring her own features stamped in the face of the populace.”(100) often people that were converts for anything are weak, people that willingly gives to something without a fight. We don’t have a say to our body, we don’t have the strength for conversion “impose”. Even though death knocks on people door every day, it’s always a surprise for “the populace”, the general population. It is interesting how Septimus was able to control his emotion for a second as he sees that Holmes and Sir Williams were the same people.

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