Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mrs. DALLOWAY (Feminism II)

I wanted to touch in the idea of Feminism which is something that amazes me. The Solitary dream focus on women and their whole of intervene in your life and come up with a solution. This dream happened after Peter chooses to sit down besides a gray-haired woman. Grey color can be serve as a balance between all-black and all-white point of view, the idea of good and bad, pessimism and optimist. After being around women, Peter goes to sleeps and think of women. He sees a facial of women blending to the sky and tree which can be turned into different types of women.

First, he imagines the women as a siren; the women’s beauty scares Peter for she reminded his downfall. Siren, in the Greek mythology was deadly-dangerous bird-women with beautiful voices. After singing to you with their beautiful voice which will lure anyone to sleep, they tear you to pieces. Then he sees a mother figure woman which seems to be waiting for him with open arm. The idea of someone keeping him safe, nurturing him and taking care of him make him feels safe. Then a landlady makes her apparition and they ask him if they can get him anything else. Peter realizes that he does not know to whom to answer. He woke up and says “the death of the soul.”

From those three ladies, I notice how connected they really are to nature. Sirens which have a tendency to commit their crime to mariners demonstrate that they must have a connection with water where all life started. Just like women choose to gives life, they can take it away. Then, we meet the landlady who must have a connection the earth which feeds us and allows us to stay alive for the oxygen it provides. Then the mother like figure which can be represented as the Virgin Mary, the idea of an approachable person.

Later in the story, we meet an old lady opposite the Regent’s Park Tube station show feminine for she sings songs of eternal love. Peter pitied her and gave her a coin but the lady words comforted Rezia for it gave strength to believe there is hope for Septimus. We see another side of Rezia, calm all this because of the old, wise lady.

I think it is important how it is women that Virginia shows that is able to comfort anyone for they are they are the one who gives life.

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Faedhra W 6 said...

I have this feminism on-demand writing part of my portfolio because it is a subject that i like. Also, to see how I have improved form my first analyzation of the world of women.