Thursday, May 22, 2008

MRS. DALLOWAY (Characters)

As I read the book, I notice the wave of emotion from an exciting life to an isolated, thoughtful and lonely life. Both Jessica and Emily have brought up the idea that Woolf uses double character throughout her novel in such a beautiful way. As I think of in Nature, nothing exists without his contrary. Living is knowing that death is around the corner.

One thing that came that hits me when as I glance over Emily’
s blog post was the tie that existed between Peter and Lucrezia. The fact that both desired someone that did not show any sign of emotion towards them. Just like Peter is unable to understand Clarissa, Lucrezia cannot seem to find the old Septimus that she was once married with. Those two Characters lack companionship.

In the Park, through the mind of Peter we met Lucrezia once again. As Septimus was talking to himself as usual or maybe to Evans as he believes, Lucrezia left him for a moment as she think about her life in Milan that she no longer will have. Suddenly, she started crying. Rezia thought that Septimus was becoming “stranger and stranger.” During our first entries, we meet Peter in Clarissa’s attic room who started catching up about their past love. Peter resent Clarissa a great deal for she rejected his proposal. Peter could not understand Clarissa, Peter suddenly started to weep. Most importantly no one can tell who Clarissa true side because she seems to lack warmth. Throughout the book she was often describes as being cold. “She had grown hard” he thought.

I feel like one of the reasons Peter resent Clarissa even more was because after he told her everything, it was at the last moment, when
Elizabeth showed up that she stated “Here’s my Elizabeth.”

It also a coincidence how both Peter and Rezia was present when the woman sang the love song. This woman serves as transition between Peter to Rezia. I feel like that Peter appreciates the courage of the old woman as he thinks her with a coin. However, in Rezia case she pitied her as she think of her relations with Septimus

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Faedhra W 6 said...

This piece is part of my portfolio because it is of how I was able to see the different wave of emotion that were going through every character.